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Project Managment

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Genesys coordinates the activities of all contractors involved in the product realisation process, freeing up the client to focus on their core business - understanding the medicine, the market and doing deals for the business.

Product definition

It’s not enough to have a smart design. You need to be smart about your design strategy. Being strategic means considering four key aspects of product definition:

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We develop data models that vertically integrate systems and subsystems. The meaning of data is understood consistently at every layer, driving interoperability and superior reliability using proven hardware and software modules. This integration helps unify everything from sensor selection to data visualisation via an app or web browser. 

We deliver a smart approach to delivering prototypes, minimum viable product and beyond, by focusing on an architecture that maximises feature sets early on and minimises the cost of adding more later on.

We conduct standards analysis early to identify the implications for product design and eliminate compliance problems occurring late in the development process. Our rigorous verification and validation processes ensure essential performance and regulatory compliance.

Drawing on our extensive experience in commercialising products for global distribution, we add value to your concept by identifying features that increase the competitive positioning of your product. 

Our process

Our Process

The GMD product development process ensures every aspect of your product development is covered.

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Why Choose Genesys

If your product has complex embedded technology subject to medical device regulations, your development process needs to be robust in order to assure outputs and minimise risk. Three unique approaches underpin the value we deliver:

  1. A trusted team: GMD has developed partnership with the leading specialists in every discipline required to develop a medical device. See our partners. 

  2. A trusted process: GMD core value proposition are processes to manage every aspect of product development process and streamlining input from all contractors. 

  3. Integrated design and compliance services: Many medical device consultants will tell you what you need to do; but we will actually do it for you. Building on our deep technical knowledge, Genesys will ensure your product complies with the "devil in the detail" of regulatory standards. 

Our Value-add Services

In addition to the above process Genesys will assist clients with the following:

  • Grant applications: We provide advice and support in the grant application process to boost your chance of success. This includes provision of technical specifications, project planning, and the establishment of an activity/resource tracking system. 


  • Freedom to Operate: Genesys can assist your patent attorney in identifying potential conflicts of your product with patents held by other companies. This includes technical review of competitor patents to ensure your design does not transgress their claims.

  • Patent applications: A great way to extend the protected life of your product is to identify and patent new aspects of a device during the product development process.  Genesys has been involved in over 30 successful or pending patent applications by clients. We can assist your patent attorney with your patent specification and structuring of patent claims.

Our value add services
Want to understand the product development process better? Contact us for a free consultation.

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